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          Hirejar Infographic for Product Introduction

          Updated: Oct 18, 2021

          EffectiveEd.Tech is excited to collaborate with HireJar to create a product information infographic for them.

          HireJar enables free and paid consultations in legal, business, financial, coaching, and more. HireJar is a marketplace for consultants and clients. Clients can post consultation needs for free and get responses from the right professionals. Consultants can create their profiles for free and receive consultation requests.

          Infographics are a great way to introduce products to potential clients and educate the clients about their importance. A well-designed infographic can help the client understand the benefits of using the product in just a glance.

          What makes the HireJar infographic special?

          Problem Focused Title

          Too often, infographic designers title the infographic with the name of the product. This happens because it is easy to conceptualize, and there is less resistance from clients. We feel this is a missed opportunity to highlight "the problem,” the pain point that compels their clients to buy that product in the first place. For example, in this HireJar infographic, the title “Are you a consultant who wants to get more clients” identifies and focuses on the most critical issue which would attract a potential customer to join HireJar.

          Use of Whitespaces

          Whitespaces induce a feeling of relaxation amongst viewers. It is easy to ignore them since most products have many features and thus a lot to talk about. Because clients are attached to every minute detail related to their product, it is easy for infographic designers to end up mentioning them all. But including such high density of information can easily backfire, cause confusion in potential customers and ultimately zero retention. Whitespaces are a way to mitigate that problem. They help people focus on what is relevant for them and consequently boost retention of the important points.

          What do you think of our choices? Please share your thoughts in the comment section.

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