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          Graphic Design for a Javacript Course on Coursera

          Updated: Oct 18, 2021

          We are excited to announce the launch of a Javascript course in Coursera, by our member Honey Thakuria.

          "Learning by Doing" is one of the most famous approaches to learn technical concepts. The Guided Project on Coursera harnesses this concept to educate the learners on a topic by guiding them through the real-life tasks associated with the project.

          Honey recently created one such project on Coursera for teaching how to use object-oriented programming system (oops) in Javascript, available here.

          To support the launch of Honey's interactive Javascript course, EffectiveEd.Tech created graphic designs thumbnails. If you are an instructor for any online course on Coursera, YouTube, Udemy, Skillshare, EdX, Thinkfic, Learndash, Kajabi, etc. and want to promote your online courses, please contact our team to design informative thumbnails for your online courses. Contact our team today!

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