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          Valentine's Day Fundraising Campaign with Infographics

          Updated: Oct 21, 2021

          This Valentine's Day join Nirvana Foundation and to give the gift of education to underprivileged children in the Rajasthan state of India.

          Nirvana Foundation is a grassroots organization working in the remote areas of the Alwar district of Rajasthan.

          effectiveed.tech_infographera_nirvanafoundation_fundraising infographics

          In 2002, the foundation identified ten villages of the Nat and Kanjar community, where there were no government schools. These communities are excluded from mainstream education because of the stigma associated with them. Stigma persists as girls from these communities go to the dance bars in western India and the middle east to earn their living through prostitution. Nirvana Foundation started schools in these communities covering all the ten villages and developed an activity-based curriculum pertaining to the unique needs of the children attending the schools.

          In the past two years, five of their schools were forced to shut down due to the lack of funds. Currently, only five schools serving ~750 children from the underprivileged community are operational. These children also risk losing access to the schools due to the financial constraints faced by Nirvana Foundation. The situation aggravated by Covid-19. With no other resources available, we can't let these children drop out of the education system and perpetuate the existing inequalities.

          effectiveed.tech_infographera_nirvanafoundation_fundraising infographics

          Nirvana Foundation launched a crowdfunding campaign on Milap to fundraise for the campaign.

          Effective is thankful to the efforts of Nirvana Boddhisattva, Ishu Gupta, Tapan Upadhaya, Purvi Tank and their team for championing the cause of these students. We are happy to celebrate Valentine's Day in a special way by creating a graphical fundraising campaign for Nirvana Foundation.

          effectiveed.tech_infographera_nirvanafoundation_fundraising infographics

          Please support 750+children to continue their schooling by saving their schools.

          You can donate to them using the QR code in the images above or below and read more about the Nirvana Foundation here.

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